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My Music Picks for Summer 2017

Hi everyone! hasn't this summer been totally amazing when it comes to a good sound track? I mean Sigrid happened, and Harry Style's first solo album. There have been plenty of new tunes to listen to! What is better to do than write a blog post telling you about all my favourite musicians. Listening to music is one of my favourite things to do whether it's while I'm working or just chilling out. Please do enjoy my summer playlist!

I literally cannot stop listening to this girl. I've literally learned every word to all her songs! Her EP is on repeat constantly so she needs to release new music NOW! Sigrid is a Norwegian artist - I mentioned I'm obsessed with music from Norway in my first blog post. Her music is unlike anything I've ever heard, somewhere in-between pop and alternative. I personally don't have a favourite song of hers - I love them all equally! Her music video for Don't Kill My Vibe is possibly the most aesthetic thing ever and I l…

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