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Welcome to my blog!
Recently I was gifted a fab Canon camera by my wonderful Grandpa. I don't remember a time when I didn't want a camera just like this, it has been on my Christmas list for  years and years! So I thought I would put up a quick blog post of some photos taken with my new baby.

Daisies are my favourite flowers.

My twin sister looking gorgeous as always!

This camera (the Canon EOS 1300D) is honestly incredible. The quality is amazing and it is relatively easy to use for someone like me who is new to the wonderful world of cameras!

Damn... so much yellow! It has to be my favourite colour right now (I'm planning to dedicate a post to this happy colour.)

This tee is so random but honestly I love it.

The light in this photo is amazing.

Slightly obsessed with this woolly jacket that I found in a charity shop. It is unbelievably cosy and I cannot stop wearing it!

Stacks tee; Forever 21 (male section) Jeans; Boohoo Jacket; Thrifted but is originally from Debenhams Trainers; Aso…

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